Venice Parkings in St Mark's Square

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Park in St Mark's Square

Considered one of the most important squares in Italy and famous throughout the world for its architectural charm, St Mark's Square is the only urban space in the city of Venice that takes the name of square. In fact, all other open spaces are called 'campi'. At 170 metres long, it is also known as 'the drawing room of Europe'. The square is the lowest point in the city and for these reasons it is the first area to flood when high water occurs; on these occasions the municipality installs walkways to allow pedestrians to pass through regularly. The square is home to several historical buildings, such as St Mark's Basilica, the Doge's Palace and the Clock Tower. The most important architectural element of the square, however, are the Columns of St Mark and St Theodore, located at the entrance to the square on the Grand Canal, erected in 1172 on the exact spot where executions were carried out. When the weather is good, the square is bustling with life, with live music and the famous cafés providing a backdrop where you can relax during your visit. In short, your trip to Venice can only start from this square.

How to park near St Mark's Square?

Parking in Venice is a difficult task, especially because of the structure of the city, which is not fully accessible by car. But with Parkimeter, you can solve this problem by searching, comparing and choosing the most suitable parking for your needs and at the best price. As for example the Garage San Marco, located at the entrance of the lagoon where you can leave your car and find yourself already in the centre of the lagoon.

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