Zaragoza Parkings in Pabellón Jose Luis Abós

Park in Pabellón Jose Luis Abós

The José Luis Abós Pavilion, also formerly known as the Príncipe Felipe Pavilion, is the largest indoor stadium in Zaragoza, with a capacity of up to 10.744 seats for visitors who want to enjoy the games. The Pabellón José Luis Abós indoor stadium was completed and inaugurated on 17 April 1990 on Avenida Césareo Alierta.

This project was created to provide the city of Zaragoza with a sports facility and is therefore multifunctional. However, the Pabellón José Luis Abós was created mainly to accommodate basketball fans. The project started in 1988 and cost around 12 million euros. This stadium has hosted several top-level European tournaments in basketball, handball, futsal, tennis, etc.

Where to park for the Jose Luis Abós stadium

If you come by car, we always recommend looking for car parks where you can book online for greater convenience on the day of your visit. An alternative, for example, is Parkimeter, which offers you the opportunity to book and your car will be safer. Click here to see the options for parking and booking.

If you want to know more about where to park in Zaragoza, don't hesitate to read our article.

Parking on the street near the Jose Luis Abós stadium

You can park around the stadium, near the road Cam. Del Junco road. These parking spaces do not belong to the stadium, so they can be surprisingly expensive if you arrive unprepared. In addition, parking without a reservation can be a challenge during sporting events.

The stadium is surrounded by residential areas where you can park on the street like the locals. You can park, for example, on the street of the Duchy of Athens, which is situated next to the stadium, but be careful because in some places, parking is not allowed and your car might be towed away.

Public transport to go to Jose Luis Abós

To go to the Jose Luis Abós, you can also use the city bus lines and the suburban bus, because if you come by car, parking can be a bit complicated as the pavilion does not have its own car park.

With the bus you can take lines 25, 38, 44 and 51, which are the ones that stop closest to Jose Luis Abós. Similarly, on Av. San José, lines 24, 39 and 40 pass, just 10 minutes walk from the pavilion.

If you come, for example, by suburban or regional train, Miraflores Station is located behind the pavilion.

The city of Zaragoza

The Pabellón José Luis Abós is located in Zaragoza, a city and municipality in the autonomous region of Aragon, with a population of 614.905 inhabitants (INE-2021). It is the fourth largest city in Spain, behind Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Valencia. This large city can be very busy, so it is advisable to book a parking space through Parkimeter in advance to ensure a parking space close to your final destination.

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