Madrid Parkings in Moscardó (Madrid)

This is one of the districts located in the Usera area, east of Manzanares. It has countless sports centres and is well served by various public transport networks.

Park in Moscardó (Madrid)

Part of the Usera district of Madrid. It borders the Paseo Santa María de la Cabeza, the Manzanares River and Calle Marcelo Usera. It follows a planning project created in 1929 and implemented in the 1930s. The idea was to build hundreds of units to provide opportunities for low-income families.

Moscardó is mainly residential and the main commercial activity takes place in the busy street of Marcelo Usera. Located next to the M-30 motorway and the A-42 expressway, the area offers very good transport links by car, bus and metro (Plaza Elíptica and Usera).

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