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Car Park in Madrid

Parking in Madrid
Madrid 'Villa y Corte', the greatest city of Spain with the highest number of cars circulating. As all the big cities, it is difficult to park in the center. Madrid has a great public transport. Reserve your parking lot and enjoy of Madrid.

If you have chosen Madrid as a destination for your next vacation or your business and you have decided to travel by car, parking in Madrid, like in any big city, has many restrictions. If you are going to stay in a hotel, you will need to know if this is one of the hotels with parking in Madrid and what the parking price in Madrid will be in order to take the best decision before booking. In addition, due to the levels of air pollution, the Madrid City Council usually restricts traffic whenever the maximum nitrogen dioxide (NO2) concentrations are exceeded. So, before your trip to the capital, you should know if one of the protocol against pollution scenarios has been activated.

Long-term parking in Madrid

If you are planning to stay in Madrid for a few weeks, you may prefer to find a long-term parking in Madrid, also called lowcost parking or park and ride. This option is highly recommended if you have decided to not use your car so often, since, if it is not a parking nearby, you will spend the difference in public transport.

Public parking

If you want to leave your car in a parking close to where you stay, Madrid is well-equipped with public parking. Still, it is not always easy to find parking near the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, El Retiro Park parking, Plaza de España parking, or Plaza Mayor parking, which are very visited tourist sites. That's the reason why we suggest you to book in advance with Parkimeter, especially if you are looking for centre of Madrid parking or parking near Madrid Atocha Station.

The 21 districts of Madrid

The city of Madrid is divided into 21 districts: Fuencarral-El Pardo, Moncloa-Aravaca, Tetuán, Hortaleza, Chamartín, Ciudad Lineal, Chamberí, Barrio de Salamanca, San Blas, Barajas, Centro, Retiro, Arganzuela, Moratalaz, Villaverde, Usera, Latina, Carabanchel, Vicálvaro, Puente de Vallecas and Villa de Vallecas. Among these, Chamberí and Centro are the most hot spots in the city, for the ones who want to park.

Parking in the Madrid centre

Chamberí is the most populated district of the city and one of the first three due to the price per square metre. Is part of the so-called "central almond" and abounds in modernist, neo-Gothic and neo-Mudejar buildings. Here you will find the Santander Park, the Sorolla and Geominero museums and Platform 0 - Chamberí station, a closed station converted into the visitor center of the Madrid Metro. Other places of interest are Olavide square, Canal theaters and Zurbano street, "one of the best in Europe" according to the New York Times.

To get the best parking space in Chamberí, in terms of price, distance and services, we recommend you to be foresight and to invest some time in Parkimeter. If you want to wonder through the center of Madrid, we suggest you to look for Gran Vía parking, one of the most known streets of the city.

Popularly known as the Broadway of Madrid, Gran Vía is currently characterized by the presence of restaurants, fashion shops and cinemas. It is divided into three parts: the one that extends from calle de Alcalá to Red de San Luis, the one that continues from this point to plaza de Callao and, finally, the one that ends in Plaza de España, one of the largest squares in the country. Surrounded by two emblematic buildings in the city, the Torre de Madrid and the Edificio España, Plaza de España has a basin with a fountain, a monument dedicated to Cervantes and landscaped spaces.

Calle de Alcalá

It is one of the longest streets in Madrid, built in the times of Carlos III. Calle de Alcalá starts at the Puerta del Sol, in the heart of Madrid, and from there extends towards the east-northeast of the city. Along its route there are several monuments of of tourist interest, such as the Fuente de Cibeles and the Puerta de Alcalá, as well as many shops and stores for any tastes. The name of this street comes from the fact that, historically, it joined the city of Madrid with Alcalá de Henares, one of the east zone municipalities, and also with Aragón.

The Markets of Madrid

The concept of "market", previously related to the street and neighborhood markets, is increasingly becoming hotspots. Among the best markets in Madrid that you should visit, at least once in your life, there are: San Miguel Market, in the heart of the city, San Antón Market, in the district of Chueca and the San Ildefonso Market, located in the cosmopolitan Fuencarral street.

Atocha and Madrid-Chamartín stations (regional and High-Speed trains) and Sur bus station

If you are a regular passenger of the regional or High-Speed trains, Parkimeter offers parking options at just a two minute walk from the Atocha station. A tunnel connects this station to another one, the Madrid-Chamartín station that provides regional, medium and long distance and High-Speed railway services. In the Méndez Álvaro street, there is also the Sur bus station, the most important of the long-distance ones in the whole city. The heaviest traffic in the capital comes through this station, also known as the Méndez Álvaro station.

Madrid-Barajas Airport

Located in the north-east of Madrid, Barajas district, at 12 kilometers from the centre, Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport has four terminals and is the first Spanish airport in terms of passenger traffic, air cargo and operations number. Parkimeter offers different alternatives, if you are looking for a Madrid airport parking. You have the possibility to choose between VIP or transfer services, at very competitive prices.

Limited traffic zone

ZBE Madrid 360

The Madrid 360 Low Emission Zone (ZBE Madrid 360 is an area where vehicles without an environmental label cannot circulate, so you can only access it if your vehicle has a 0, Eco, B or C label (although if you go to the ZBEDEP Distrito Centro or Plaza Elíptica, on your arrival, the car park will manage the authorization to enter and leave the car park without being fined).

Please note:

-High pollution protocols may also affect the transit of vehicles with labels B and C.

-From 1 January 2023, vehicles without an environmental label will not be allowed to circulate on the M30, and from 1 January 2024, they will be banned from the entire municipal territory of Madrid.

For more information (updated and detailed), please visit:

Zonas de Bajas Emisiones - Ayuntamiento de Madrid -

Madrid360 ¿Cómo-me-afecta? -

ZTL Madrid Central

Parking in Madrid may not be possible if you intend to park in the heart of the city,

If you are not a resident in the city center, you can only access Madrid Central without being fined if your vehicle is ecological or if it bears the environmental sticker B or C (depending on the alert scenario that is active by the pollution protocols) and your destination is an authorized car park.
Don't risk that when you arrive there will be no free spaces, that you won't be able to access the car park or that you will be fined...

Make your booking with Parkimeter and secure your place when you get to the parking lot! When you do so, the car park will manage the authorization so that your vehicle can enter and leave the car park without being fined and without having any problem when driving through Madrid Central (it will inform the Town Hall of the registration number of your vehicle to avoid any type of sanction).

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