Where to park in Strasbourg

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Car Park in Strasbourg

Where to park in Strasbourg

Where to park in Strasbourg

Strasbourg is the capital of the historical region of Alsace and is located in the east of France, on the banks of the Rhine and directly on the border with Germany. If you have the opportunity to come with your car, we recommend you to do so. This way it is easier to get to know and you have more flexibility to move around, taking advantage of a wide variety of options for parking in Strasbourg.

Parking in Strasbourg

To accommodate all the traffic that Strasbourg generates, the city has a total of 10,000 public parking spaces. These public parking lots are scattered throughout the city and represent an interesting option for saving time and money.

Each parking lot is different in terms of its location and offer, whether short, medium or long term. Therefore, we recommend that you compare these different offers before your visit to Strasbourg and book your parking through Parkimeter. You can download the App or do it directly on the website. This way you avoid any stress, save time and money when you arrive in the city.

And whether you are planning to visit Strasbourg or you are a resident, don't miss the opportunity to visit Lingolsheim. This town is only an 18-minute drive away. You can start visiting its town hall and enjoy the downtown area of this beautiful city. For parking in Lingolsheim we suggest you park in the center of the city, for example, on Avenue Schuman, on this street you will find the Parking Zenpark Aéroport Entzheim - Ibis. You can reach the town hall of Lingolsheim in 15 minutes on foot. Also, 6 minutes walk from the parking, you have the Strasbourg Roethig train station, where you can take the train and get back to Strasbourg in just 5 minutes.

Parking areas in Strasbourg

The city of Strasbourg has a total of 14,100 paid on-street parking spaces, distributed in three different zones. These zones are differentiated by color according to their location in the city.

You will find a green zone, an orange zone and a red zone. The red zone is mainly located in the hypercenter of Strasbourg and therefore has the highest rates. It will cost you 2.10 euros to park there for one hour, and the maximum duration is 3 hours.

Secondly, the orange zone, which is located in the city center, has a rate of €1.70 for 1 hour and allows you to park for up to 4 hours. Finally, the green zone, located on the outskirts of the city, will cost you €0.50 for 1 hour and allows a maximum of 5 hours of parking. However, regardless of the zone, parking is free on Sundays, public holidays and all other days from 7:00 pm to 9:00 am.

The city of Strasbourg

Strasbourg is an important French city, as it is the eighth most populated city in the country, with almost 285,000 inhabitants. But it is also important for the European Union, since it is considered as one of the three European capitals as it is the seat of many institutions such as the Council of Europe and the European Parliament.

It is therefore an important center of activity in its region, which attracts a large population, making traffic and parking difficult in the city, also known as "the capital of Christmas", because in 1570 it was precisely there where the first edition of the oldest Christmas market in Europe was held, calling it Christkindelsmärik (the market of the baby Jesus).

What to visit in Strasbourg?

The city of Strasbourg is mainly visited on foot and requires a stroll through the narrow streets, as the city is very beautiful. There are many places to see in Strasbourg, regardless of the Christmas period, when the city becomes the festive capital of the world.

The most famous symbols of the city are the splendid Notre-Dame de Strasbourg Cathedral, the Petite France district, which is one of the country's main tourist attractions, and the Vauban dam, which you can cross and which offers a magnificent panoramic view of the canals of Strasbourg and the Petite France.

You can also reach large and impressive squares where you will be enchanted by the atmosphere of the German shepherd capital, in particular the Kleber square and the Gutenberg square.

To complete this small tourist guide we can mention other places to see and visit such as the Rohan Palace, the four medieval churches of Strasbourg on the Grande Île or even the historical monument representing the Kammerzell house also considered the most beautiful house in Strasbourg.

This is just a small part of what you will love to discover in Strasbourg and we can only recommend you to go to this amazing city in the east of France, known mainly for its houses built with the typical architecture of the German shepherd region called half-timbered houses.