Parking in Utrecht

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Car Park in Utrecht

Parking in Utrecht
Utrecht is the capital of the province of Utrecht and the most centrally located municipality in the Netherlands. Utrecht is also called the road and railway hub of the Netherlands. For this reason, Utrecht Central Station is the largest railway station.

Where can I park in Utrecht?

Utrecht does not have a lot of parking spaces in the city, which makes it sometimes difficult to find a parking spot. Therefore, you have to pay in many places in the city from Monday to Sunday. Parking in the centre is more expensive than parking your car a bit more outside the centre. Reserve a parking space in advance via Parkimeter so you don't have to park your car on the street and you are sure of the best price.

Utrecht residents can apply for a parking permit for certain zones through the municipality. But residents have to wait for this permit because there is a queue in some rayons due to the interest. This indicates that the parking need in Utrecht is high.

What's the best place to park in Utrecht?

Parking in Utrecht can be quite a challenge, so it's wise to arrange a parking space to avoid unnecessarily driving around looking for a spot. It's best to choose a P+R area, as you'll come across these several times, and it's also helpful to know that parking in a car park is cheaper than on the street.

These are the times for paid parking in the centre of Utrecht:

It is also advisable to find a parking space outside the centre because the more you get into the centre, the more expensive it gets. The centre has excellent public transport.

Parking rates paid parking Utrecht:

Utrecht Centre A1: €5.88 per hour Utrecht Centre A2: €4.53 per hour Utrecht Centre B1: €3.22 per hour

The city has different parking areas and therefore different rates. Through Parkimeter, you can book a parking space in advance and know what you have to pay for parking and that your car is safely parked so you can enjoy the city without worries.

What to do in Utrecht?

Utrecht is known for the Dom, an ancient tower that, at 122.5 metres, is the highest church tower in the Netherlands, and it symbolises the city. Besides that, it is lovely to walk through the city, because Utrecht is also known for its canals. In the wharves of the canals, you will find restaurants, shops and museums.


Het Spoorwegmuseum is Utrecht's most famous museum and is fun for the young and old. During your visit to this museum, you will learn about the origin of the train and how this has changed the world. Besides the Spoorwegmuseum, it is also fun to visit the Nijntje museum with children, which is dedicated to the work of author Dick Bruna.

Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens is a university organisation in Utrecht that manages botanical gardens. The gardens used to be spread over several locations but are now concentrated in the Botanical Garden Fort Hoofddijk at De Uithof.

Centre of Utrecht car-free

At the insistence of the inhabitants of Utrecht, the municipality pleads for more and more car-free parts in the city. There are already several places in the city where it is forbidden to come by car, so it's a good idea to reserve your parking space via Parkimeter in advance to ensure the best price and the safest car parks.